Roller Coaster Range

Star Feature

All braked models are fitted with our unique 'Super Hub' system designed to withstand the problems of salt water corrosion. A triple P.T.F.E. seal combined with the pressurised lubrication of a bearing saver allows the 'Super Hub' to protect the bearings and ensure a longer life whilst still offering easy access for maintenance and lower service costs.

In a class of its own, this is the trailer that other manufacturers have copied but never matched. Roller Coaster set new standards for the industry when we introduced it, and we have now made it even better than before.

With the famous swinging beam (front and rear on larger models), Roller Coaster really does mean more time for fun and far fewer headaches. Launching needs no more than a push and recovery is just as easy.

Only Indespension manufacture rollers with nylon bushes on an aluminium shaft for free running and perfect cushioning. A lighting board and a braked winch with detachable handle are standard fittings, together with a telescopic winch post incorporating a pivoting bow snubber for positive location.

Completing this fantastic package, all Roller Coasters are now fitted with 'SuperRide' suspension for smooth, even towing and all wheels have the latest 'Super Hub' system for extending bearing life.


Prices include a manufacturer's delivery charge and VAT @ 20.0%

Euro (€) price is for guidance only and will depend on the exchange rate applicable at the time of purchase

Model / Description Capacity Kg Gross Vehicle
Weight Kg
Length Capacity
Roller Coaster 1 Unbraked 520 750 4.9 £Call €Call
Roller Coaster 1.3HE 800 1,100 4.9 £Call €Call
Roller Coaster 3 750 1,100 5.2 £Call €Call
Roller Coaster 3.5 900 1,300 5.2 £Call €Call
Roller Coaster 5 900 1,300 5.8 £Call €Call
Roller Coaster 7 1,050 1,500 5.2 £Call €Call
Roller Coaster 8.5 1,050 1,600 5.8 £Call €Call
Roller Coaster 9 1,200 1,600 5.2 £Call €Call
Roller Coaster 10 1,300 1,800 5.8 £Call €Call


Indespension's superb specifications mean that many options will already be included in the basic price of your new trailer, but all necessary spare parts and accessories are available from your Indespension dealer. These include spare wheels, wheel carriers and covers, jockey wheels tie down straps and winches - everything you will ever need to get the best out of your trailer.

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