Indespension RC 8.5

The Roller Coaster 8.5 Marine and Boat trailer from Indespension is a single axle braked trailer with a gross weight of 1650kgs. With a carrying capacity of 1190kg the Roller Coaster 8.5 can carry a range of boats and Cruisers up to a maximum of 5.8m in length. It is constructed with fully welded and hot dip galvanised chassis for maximum strength and durability, with no rusting. The Roller Coaster range of trailers are fitter with 25 Rollers in total, which are fully adjustable in all directions using U-bolts and is therefore suited to a variety of hull shapes. The support is height adjustable through multi-drilled front roller supports and multi-drilled rear roller angle brackets and a cranked swing beam (roller height increases towards outer edge and decreases in the centre). The swing beam helps to maintain maximum roller to hull contact during launch and recovery and has adjustable aluminum support arms which flex as the load increases. The Roller Coaster 8.5 comes complete with a jockey wheel which is fitted with a tough rubber wheel meaning no unnecessary punctures. The trailers are constructed with Indespension’s adjustable, patented SuperRide suspension with guarantees the best nose weight, which in turn leaves all the bumps on the road reducing the stress on your hull. Fitted with 185/70 R13 wheels and tyres, improves the towing both on the road and on a stoney beach. As standard the Coaster trailers are fitted with U-bolt fixings, which provide adjustability in all dimensions and the perfect set-up for your boat. The winch post is adjustable and comes complete with winch and webbing strap. And finally, the Coaster trailers are fitted with a submersible side and front markers built into a handy step and a lighting board on the back with lighting board bars, providing an easy removal system getting your boat from the road to the water quicker.

Price: £4,422 Inc VAT

Brand: Indespension

Gross weight (kg): 1650

Carrying capacity (kg): 1190

Maximm boat length (m): 5.8

Maximum Rib (m): 7

Wheel size (inch): 13

Bunks or Rollers: rollers

Number of Rollers: 25

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