Aquaparx 330 Pro

This inflatable boat 330 of the Aquaparx brand has a length of 3.30 meters in length. It is made of 1.2mm thick PVC. It has a wide capacity, because it can raise up to 5 people and it can resist 450 kilos of weight in total. It is of category C.


- The external dimensions of the boat are 330x151

- The diameter of the tube is 41 centimeters

- It has 3 air chambers

- Its weight is 40.5 kilograms, although it can hold up to 450 kilos 

- The capacity is of a maximum of 5 people.

- The engine power reaches up to 15HP.


The model of this inflatable boat is approved by the production of the European Union and its standards in Category C.

Price: £Call


Location: McAleese Marine Scarva, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland



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